International Universities

Edurecruit doesn’t provide leads ‑ Edurecruit delivers students
. Traditional education lead providers and intermediaries have little or no substantial international experience and provide poor quality leads to educational institutions. Foreign education intermediaries bring no additional value to educational institutions and do not understand the student recruitment market. Edurecruit is a professional company that promotes educational institutions abroad and directly employs proven country and regional experts who understand the educational systems of their regions which helps them weed out applications that will be unsuccessful.

Our team also guides prospective students through the entire process from deciding on a university that is right for them to application and visa to enrollment and safe arrival. Edurecruit only selects the highest quality universities with an understanding of the needs of international students to include in its network.

Our ideal university partner has:
  • A strong desire to enroll more international students.Experience enrolling international students.
  • A willingness to offer students grants and/or awards as an incentive to attend the institution.
  • A wide variety of programs to offer, including, but not limited to, associate's, bachelor's and master's degrees and online.
  • A location in an area that has a lot to offer international students.
  • An English language program (ELP), access to an ELP, or will partner with another Edurecruit institution to offer an ELP.
  • Student housing either on-campus or available in the local community.

We currently have over 200 international students from several countries wishing to study in the overseas and the capacity to scale to approximate 7,500 students/year. These prospective students include traditional first-time students seeking undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as working adults in need of continuing education online and/or on-campus. Unlike most other international student enrollment companies that deliver students from only a few specific countries, our network spans the entire globe, maximizing the diversity of the students we deliver to educational institutions.
We are looking for educational partners to join our network who are willing to accept and service our growing number of international students.

Services from Edurecruit:
Today's higher education institutions face many daunting obstacles to international student enrollment:
  • International recruiting is complex
  • Building international relationships is difficult and time-consuming
  • Mistakes are costly and wasteful (on average it costs $7K to recruit a student)
  • Increased competition for international students
  • Finding quality students is challenging
  • Smaller schools have less international presence than larger institutions.
To combat these obstacles Edurecruit provides the following services to universities:
  • Recruitment of applications and enrollments from international students in agreed countries via multiple marketing channels.
  • Handling of country specific leads for individual university from students or parents.
  • Monthly country specific reports from regional managers.
  • Representation of individual or multiple universities from our collection at pre-determined and appropriate student fairs in the appropriate countries.
  • Placement of country specific print, radio, TV and/or website advertising to maximize recruitment opportunities for individual or multiple universities from our collection.
  • Positioning for the international division; key messages by key audience; development and implementation of marketing communication strategy.
  • Creation and search engine optimization of country specific web site jump pages in country language to feed into university main website (online application code required).
  • Opportunities for enhanced Web site placement positioning on corporate web site.
  • Relationship building with universities in agreed countries with the intent to establish long term mutually beneficial partnership agreements.
  • On-site training for client university staff and faculty on topics relative to the effective management and handling of international students coming to their campus.
  • Development of services to serve the specific needs of international students, and adaptation of existing services, as applicable.
  • Visa counselling to accepted students to boost their visa applications.
  • Bespoke consultancy services to generate a steady flow of student enrolments
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